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ceron prime how was your Easter weekend? ceron prime

anonymous it was good anonymous. My aunt’s mom and my aunt’s brother’s son are visiting from Taiwan and they came over for Easter and they only speak Chinese so I kind of feel bad for them since they can only talk to my aunt. The boy was 4 so we hid easter eggs in the backyard and he loved it and had lots of fun. He tried to jump to reach this one egg that was just out of reach and he barely got off the ground and it was adorable anonymous

anonymous my cutie came with me and she was sleepy/slept the entire time :3 anonymous

anonymous I also got speakers but not because it was easter anonymous


Nisekoi 15 -- Evangelion 

So, Marika's father has the same voice actor as Gendou Ikari, Shaft hinted it subtly.


Capcom Bar menu *u*

ceron prime how are you? ceron prime

anonymous i’m doing pretty good. anonymous

I may or may not be switching works and I have to get a new car because my car is “totaled” and going home with my gf this weekend for easter so just lots of stuff all happening at once but I feel like that’s been happening a lot anonymous

how are you anonymous? anonymous